About us

  • A multi-faceted cannabis analyst and advisory group with seasoned first-hand knowledge of the domestic and global cannabis and hemp industries, including running licensed cultivation sites.

  • We strive to educate and inform.

  • Comprised of solutions-oriented problem solvers with a vast, knowledgeable, and comprehensive network spanning multiple states and countries, including ancillary operators and several licensed companies in California.

  • Integrity is at the root of everything we do. As such, financial gain is not our sole motivation. 

  • Experienced with evaluating facilities for cannabis or hemp operations, planning and designing build-outs, helping start-ups, improving SOPs, brand-building, marketing, preparing to scale, and more.

  • Utilize a regional, data-driven approach combined with our in-depth knowledge of how hundreds of publicly traded and private cannabis and hemp companies are operating provides us a unique and comprehensive outlook.

  • We believe business relationships should be fair and symbiotic and that strategic partnerships should be forged with other companies which share our core beliefs of being socially conscious, consumer-centric, and taking a sophisticated approach to cannabis.

  • Confident in our foresight and knowledge of the cannabis and hemp industries on both the micro and macro levels. Our forecasts have consistently been proven correct and data continuously backs it up.


Our market perspective

  • It's clear that most publicly-traded cannabis LPs do not understand cannabis plant science or how to cultivate cannabis. 

  • Biomass is a flawed metric to use. Cannabinoids and terpenes are the necessary and desirable components and biomass is not directly correlated to the production of these components.

  • The future of cannabis will look vastly different than the present. There have already been major advancements that will shape the way cannabis is both produced and consumed.

  • A significant portion of the cannabis culture exists on social media (especially Instagram), but it’s not the majority and excludes the average cannabis consumer who doesn’t exist in that virtual subculture. Alphabet-owned social media platforms can’t be relied upon as the industry moves forward

  • For numerous reasons the consumer base is largely uninformed. This knowledge gap creates a huge opportunity to educate. There are no standout brands that dominate market share, especially in the flower category. Because consumers don’t know what makes quality cannabis, as they become more informed LPs will have to adapt. This is especially true in California where a vast majority of LPs are going to experience significant growing pains due to, among other things, deficient SOPs and poor business practices brought with them from the Prop 215/gray market.

  • The hemp/CBD consumer and cannabis consumer crossover will help educate both groups and the markets will eventually mesh together similar to the medicinal and recreational consumer markets in California.

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