Our Services

We are problem solvers first and foremost. We can help with:

  • Conceptualization, planning, optimization, and scaling of licensed cannabis and hemp operations including: cultivation, solvent and solventless extraction, distribution/logistics, branding, sales, retail, procurement, et al. Every region has its unique regulatory environment and we customize every proposal to the current and projected regulatory specifications. 

  • Educating and training cannabis/hemp operators and executives.

  • Educating and training people looking to convert to the legal cannabis/hemp industries.

  • Optimizing pitch decks and business plans. 

  • Coaching, management, and leadership education and training. 

  • Performance assessments and projections.

  • Planning and development of content creation.

  • Informed due diligence of: pre-IPO, IPO, and publicly-traded cannabis and hemp companies.

  • Scouting and networking for cannabis and hemp holding companies and ETFs.

  • Educating and networking for a wide-range of ancillary companies. 

We love challenges so if you need help with something contact us and we'll see if we can help!

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